Glendale Coin Club Coin Show

Another October has passed, and that means that The Glendale Coin Club has just finished with our annual coin show. Overall it was a great show for the club. We had a steady flow of people all morning, and even in the afternoon, if you looked to the lobby, there were always a couple of people on their way in. We had several dealers comment on how busy it was, and many who have been really grumbling about the lack luster showing at some of the other small shows seemed pleasantly surprised.  It probably didn't hurt that the club was giving away silver prizes every hour, and we had a raffle where the top prize was a NGC certified $10 Indian.

 I don't usually set up at the small local shows, but setting up at this show allows me to meet lots of collectors in our area and promote the club. I know going to a coin club seems a bit old fashioned in this day of internet forums and online auctions, but I still feel that the local club is a very important part of collecting. 

 If you are interested in visiting our club, or just want more information, you can go to